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Othello is a two-player strategy game on a 8 by 8 board. Each player has 32 stones that have a dark side and a light side. While one player has its stones facing the dark side-up, the other player has its stones facing the light side up. Players take turn placing a stone in an empty space then flipping their opponent's stones to their assigned side. In order for a player to flip an opponent's stone, the player must place a stone where there are enemy stones in a straight line between another stone that belongs to the player. The game ends when a player has no available spaces to place a stone that flips their opponent's stone. The player with the most amount of stones on the board wins the game.

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file on this site

Extract the ZIP when the download is finished

Open the extracted folder

 Go to the Builds folder 

Open the folder that you currently want to play the game on (e.g. Windows, Linux, or Android)

If on Windows: Click on Othello.exe 

if on Linux: Click on Othello.x86_64  

If on Android: Drag Othello.apk into your phone and let your phone install apps from 'unknown sources'


Othello.zip 146 MB

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